Affiliate program

How Does Affiliate Program Work?

If you refer a new user who signs up and, makes a purchase or cash deposit on, you will receive 10% of their spendings each month. With affiliate link your affiliate will get 50% return for the first month subscription within 24 hours.

For Example: If they choose monthly payment plan worth $25, you will receive $2.5 each month until your affiliate stays connected with us.

Getting Specific

  • If a userclicks on your referral link and then registers and chooses monthly payment plan, you will receive 10% of their spending;
  • Earnings from the affiliate program appear will be transferred to your PayPal account once per month including the balance sheet.
  • You always will be able to track how many users have registered with your referral code. Balance sheet will be sent to your email once per month;
  • Linking from back to itself in order to gain referrals is not allowed. This includes bouncing links off other domains.
  • The Affiliate program is subject to a fair usage policy which, gives the right to review all referrals.


  • Use your own site or social media profile to feature an item using your referral link. Think widgets, tweets, posts or sidebars.
  • Create a blog in relation to the area you are marketing and attach your links.

Do Not:

  • Buy trademark keywords on Google AdWords.
  • Purchase a domain name, search engine or pay per click advertisement that uses mis-spellings or trademarks.


Become an Affiliate. Join affiliate program and earn commission for helping us spread the word.

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